Monday, May 22, 2017

CYT North Idaho: The Casting Process

When I lived in North Idaho, there was a Community Theater group that I was a part of for 3rd and 4th grade. I did two musicals, two summer camps, and 3 classes there. I knew that they had a lot of videos about different tips about casting, auditioning, dancing, singing, etc. I found a great video called The Casting Process that I will link to here.

This video shows how they cast roles in a play/musical. It shows the different things they consider throughout the casting process. Such as experience, relation to the other actors, how well you act with one and other. This is good to know for auditioning, and future auditions so you know what they think about.

This is a great video for watching before or after an audition. Such as when I was auditioning for Rapunzel Jr, I watched this video to kind of calm my nerves because that was my first audition for anything like this. Even at my second audition which was Suessical Jr, it still was very helpful.

I think that for any of my future auditions, I am going to use this video because it was very beneficial.

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  1. Hey Kid,

    I really dig this post! I never knew that there was so much to consider when thinking about an audition -- but all of the advice that they share here was super helpful.

    The one way to make this post better would be to reflect on your SPECIFIC strengths and weaknesses. For example, are you really good at interacting with the other actors? Do you need to think carefully about tone of your voice or interactions with the director in order to improve?

    So spot things in the video that you do well and share that with us here. Then, spot things in the video that you could improve on and share that, too! Reflection is when this portfolio stuff gets extra powerful.

    Rock on,
    Mr. F