Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Science Olympiad

This year, I joined the Salem Middle Science Olympiad team. It is a club where we explore science topics and compete against other schools. We didn't make it to states, but I think we still did really good. I competed in three events: Wright Stuff, Rocks & Minerals, and Duck Tape Challenge.

Rocks & Minerals: 
In this event, my partner and I studied beforehand about different attributes of rocks and minerals. Such as the luster, hardness, streak, etc. When we got there, we would go around to different stations and answer questions about rock specimens. I was extra proud because I had the most trouble with this event.

Wright Stuff:
Wright Stuff is and event where with a partner you would build 1 - 2 monoplanes. You had to come in with a flight log, and your airplanes with the correct parameters. My partner built one plane, and I built another. The average speed of my plane was about 4-5 seconds in the air, and my partner's plane averaged about 5-6 seconds in the air.

Duck Tape Challenge: 
This was an event where you didn't do any prepping beforehand. You came into the event, were given duck tape and some pieces of paper, and had to build whatever they told you to. This year, my brother and I (who was my partner), had to build an arch. We ended up placing 2nd in this event! I think the most important thing I learned was to not spend too much time planning and go with your instincts.

One thing I am planning on doing next is trying out some other events, to see which ones interest me the most.

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  1. Lily wrote:

    I think the most important thing I learned was to not spend too much time planning and go with your instincts.

    Hey Kid,

    First, congratulations on your Science Olympiad work! That is REALLY cool stuff and I am proud of you for being involved in it.


    Second, I love this statement of learning from you: Sometimes planning only slows us down -- and sometimes "just starting" is the best way to make progress! I see that tendency to over plan in kids who have been really successful in school. They can be so nervous about getting things "right" that they never get "started" at all.

    Finally, well done on your labels! All of these are great -- and will make it easy to find this post again in the future.

    The only change I'd suggest to this post is to give a little more detail about your doing task at the bottom of your post. I'd love to know what events you'd want to try out -- or what events you THINK you'd be interested in.

    Great post, though. I really dug this!

    Mr. F